we love old-school gaming

Arcade Systems is a sub brand of PCG4M3R who have been building outrageous high-performance gaming PCs in Sydney since 2008.

After building gaming PCs for such a long period of time, the team at PCG4M3R can now design and build an epic PC blindfolded, underwater, with one arm.

Arcade Systems was born from a love of old-school gaming and the challenge of designing and developing something new from scratch.

Inspired by so many local businesses on the central coast, Arcade Systems has developed its arcade machines in collaboration with Beachside Kitchens, Kincumber Glass, Erina Signarama and of course PCG4M3R


With so many years experience PCG4M3R has been able to bring its computer building skills into the world of arcade machines and deliver the most robust and stable software / hardware components available in Australia.

Not content with building an arcade machine that still operates like a “kiosk PC” Arcade Systems has developed its own in-house software to completely replace the Windows interface and deliver a true arcade experience like no-other.

Our machines are plug-and-play with no internet required, you will never need a mouse, or see a windows logo at all. With one single on and off button all you do is turn it on, wait for it to warm up and then get into the action, just like the original arcades.


Inspired by the original retro aesthetic and also conscious of modern living, our arcade cabinet was designed by the PCG4M3R systems designer so that it could comfortably fit into a living environment and also deliver an authentic arcade experience to the player.

Our cabinet is “full standing height” but won’t dominate the room. Has an excellent screen-to-cabinet-width ratio but isn't too small to play side-by-side… can be placed easily in a retail environment, in a pub, cafe or lounge room.  

Our cabinet is also modular so that it can be moved around the house, transported in the car and also breaks down so it can be placed on an exising bench instead of using the provided stand.

We are very proud of what we have been able to achieve in a small period of time. For all enquiries contact kym@arcadesystems.com.au


We are so confident with the software coded for our arcade machines, that we regularly place them, free-to-play in unattended public spaces. We do this knowing full well that “anything could happen” and that our software solution will be rock-solid.

We don’t incorporate any sort of trackball or bluetooth keyboard into our arcade machines because we know you wont need it.