Then you're one of us !

Arcade Systems is a sub brand of PCG4M3R who have been building outrageous high-performance gaming PCs in Sydney since 2008.

Arcade Systems was born from a love of old-school gaming and the challenge of designing and innovating a classic gaming concept from scratch.

Arcade Systems has developed its arcade machines in collaboration with some excellent businesses on the Central Coast of NSW including:

our design approach

Not content with building an arcade machine that still operates like a “kiosk PC” Arcade Systems has assembled a system that completely replaces the Windows interface and delivers a true arcade experience like no-other.

Our machines are plug-and-play with no internet required, you will never need a mouse, or see a windows logo at all. With one single on and off button all you do is turn it on, wait for it to warm up and then get into the action, just like the original arcades.