Arcade System Features & Specs

Inspired by the original retro aesthetic and also conscious of modern living, our arcade cabinet has been designed by the PCG4M3R systems designer so that it can fit comfortably into a living environment and also deliver an authentic arcade experience to the player.

Our cabinet is “full standing height” but won’t dominate the room. Has an excellent screen-to-cabinet-width ratio but isn’t too small to play side-by-side… can be placed easily in a retail environment, in a pub, cafe or lounge room.  

Our cabinet is modular so that it can be moved around the house, transported in the car and easily breaks down so it can be placed on an existing bench instead of using the provided stand.

Cabinet Features Summary

  • Full height standing arcade cabinet
  • Commercial 16mm MDF construction
  • Glass screen pannel
  • Robust ‘Happ Pro’ style joysticks
  • NEO-GEO Button colour scheme
  • Seperates for easy transport
  • Marquee vinyl included
  • Side art vinyl included
  • Customisation options available

Internal PC Specs

  • AMD APU 3-4GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 500GB SSD
  • Xinmo USB Button Encoder
  • 300-400W PSU
  • 19″ LCD (1280×1024)
  • Logitech Speakers with Volume Control
  • Full Game Set

Design Options

Button & Joystick Options

Game List

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Warranty & Support Cabinet Dimensions:
1.44m Tall, 0.5m Deep (from the wall) and 0.8m Wide Screen Size:
19inch 1280 x 1024 LCD panel (refurbished) Power Draw:
80w max draw on the refurbished system Glass:
5mm thick tempered glass panel (not tinted) Joysticks:
Happ / American style joysticks as standard.

Optional: SANWA joysticks with the octagonal or square gate as extra.

Durable “dimple” style buttons with red-microswitches are included as standard.

Optional: SANWA buttons are availible as extra.

Full colour vinyl printed artwork and back-lit marqee is included.

Optional: No artwork, using classic wood grain or black laminate instead. This option would reduce the price.

Internal CPU:
In an effort to reduce eWaste we utilise refurbished components. We only use CPUs above 3GHz with 8GB RAM and a 500GB of storage. Dedicated graphics cards with 2GB of memory are also used.

Optional: Brand new 4GHz AMD apu system with M.2 SSD is available as extra.