our premium narrow arcade machine

We have developed our Narrow Arcade Pro cabinet to bring the joy of 90s era arcade gaming into your home.

The Narrow Arcade Pro cabinet comes loaded with a massive amount of arcade and console games ranging from the early 80s all the way to the late 90s.

Each Narrow Arcade Pro cabinet is lovingly built by hand, and specially customised for their owners.

This cabinet is a perfect video gaming entertainment solution that is free from online bullying (doesn’t need internet) and encourages co-op collaborative play with friends and family.

The ArcadePro has customised artwork and wood choices to suit your tastes.

The very best spanish-imported joysticks from Industrias Lorenzo are used in this arcade. They have a firm robust feel with accurate diagonals, making them the ideal choice for fighting games.

The buttons are a special “AusLeaf” style that combine the old-school look of original retro arcade buttons with modern day micro-switches and quiet operation of authentic Japanese SANWA buttons.

The 19″inch 1280×1024 75Hz monitor is the ideal choice for making old-school arcade games look their best. This screen is the original aspect ratio of the older TV style monitors used in the original arcades so visually the games are as authentic as possible. 

The PC inside the cabinet does change its specs from time-to-time as new parts become available. Typical components for the arcade pro include:

The arcade cabinet is built with 16mm commercial grade CNC cut melamine coated MDF. It’s the same material used to build kitchens and office furniture.

The glass is 5mm thick, and the control panel is coated in carbon-fibre UV resistant auto wrap. 

The cabinet dimensions for the widescreen arcade are: 145cm high, 50cm deep from the wall, and 50cm wide.

A large variety of artworks are available and if none suit your style, then a custom artwork can be created for you. Included in the price is the 2/3rd sized side-artwork. However if you would prefer the full sized side panel artwork then it can be done for a little extra. 


narrow arcade pro

The Narrow Arcade Pro requires a $600 deposit upfront to get your order into our production que. Final payment  is due before collection / delivery.

To place an order for this amazing arcade machine, you can email kym@arcadesystems.com.au
or call on 0414 722 014