Button and Joystick options

When placing an order for your ArcadePro cusom arcade machine you will have to decide what sort of button layout you would like for your system.

Choose either SNES or NEO-GEO/SNK button layout. Its more than just a cosmetic choice as many games will have tutorials and guides that say things like “press the red button” and you want it to line up with the correct button.

Button choices

You also have the choice of button type. The HAPP style is recommended if you have “button mashing” kids and or will be placing the arcade in a messy or public space. The SANWA style button is more like a keyboard key in its movement an is more suited to fighting games.

As with the SANWA style joystick, the SANWA style buttons are not able to withstand a huge amount of “button mashing” punishment, but are better for “pro” fighting arcade setups.

Joystick choices

Choose from either; the very durable HAPP batton-style joystick or the more sensitive and less durable SANWA style joystick.

SANWA: Style is great for fighting games, not so great at everything else.

HAPP: Style is an excellent and durable all-rounder joystick (recommended)

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