Custom artwork options are available to our “Pro” cabinets. We can design your own custom art or feel to choose/ be inspired by the designs below.

There are many designs available for your arcade machine, and they are always changing. Below are the latest cabinet designs used so far in 2021 however there are far more from previous years… So keep scrolling 🙂 

latest 2021 designs

earlier designs from 2020

These older designs are still available but need some work to be used with the latest cabinet shapes.

colours from laminex

Special colours can be used for the material we use to build the cabinet. The “Capcom blue” looks very good in an arcade, as well as the French Navy. 

These full size panels look amazing BUT they really get scuffed and worn on the lower 1/3rd of the artwork. Just too many feet and knees etc really knock the artwork around. Also if you are pulling up stools / and boxes etc for kids to stand on they really dig into the artwork. This is why I have changed my range of 2021 art to be the best balance of both half and full height artwork options. 

That said these designs are still available upon request 😛