Widescreen cabinet walkthrough

The widescreen cabinet has so many new features, and the game software has gone through at least 15 revisions since the first prototype.

This is the longest video by far but it really does cover everything you need to know when trying to make the decision between the Widescreen Pro and Narrow Pro arcade machines

Arcade Cabinet V3

A quick walk-around view of the V3 arcade cabinet. The most significant improvement (among many) is the change that raised the control deck to be level with the cabinet edge.

Arcade Systems Game Menu System

This is a very early version of our game selection system in action. The software running in our game selection menu is called “BigBlue” and is designed to be as robust as possible with no unnecessary features.

Super early prototype system

I made this video as a video log of the development progress. It’s amazing how far we have come since making this prototype in Jan 2019.

Arcade Systems is constantly making improvements to our designs and software, so that you get an authentic arcade experience.