New arcade machines, built by hand with incredible attention to detail

V2 Widescreen Arcade monster

The Arcade Systems design philosophy of continuously improving our cabinetry and electronics solution has delivered the latest iteration of our widescreen arcade cabinet. This arcade cabinet is a spiritual successor to the renowned Allied Industries “LowBoy” arcade, which was manufactured in Australia throughout the 90’s, and will start manufacturing in Feb 2022.

New features include:

  • New laser cut, metal control panel
  • New 144Hz high speed, variable refresh rate monitor
  • Stronger construction and joinery
  • Vinyl decals now positioned behind the glass
  • Detachable control panel for easier button/ joystick maintenance
  • Amazing new artwork options
  • New button colour choices


The Wide-Screen Arcade Pro is very popular, a $1,750 deposit is needed upfront to get your order into our production. Final payment  is due before collection / delivery.

Internal components

It’s best to think of our V2 arcade machine as a gaming PC built inside a very, very, custom case.

It comes with over 3,515 retro games pre-installed. And with the in-built STEAM integration you can add your own modern games, including GuiltyGear Strive and Street Fighter V.

Internal PC specs include: (can be customised to your specifications)

  • CPU 4GHz 6-8 core processor with 16GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti or GTX 1650 or RTX 3060 graphics card
  • 1TB NVMe stupidly fast NVMe storage
  • Built in WiFi
  • 4 port USB hub for adding extra controllers
  • iPAC 2 usb Xinput encoder
  • Stereo speakers with woofer, volume control and headphone jack

+ 144Hz SCREEN

The 27″inch wide-screen +144Hz variable refresh monitor is the ideal choice that makes both old-school arcade games and modern PC games look amazing.

Variable refresh is a real thing… I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes when games run at their native speed.

Old school arcades were often coded with single frame “flashes” when things explode, or alternating single frames of black-nothing-black to simulate transparencies like shadows.

With a “crappy” 60-75Hz monitor these effects go unnoticed or at worst look like graphical glitches and errors.. But with a high frame rate variable refresh monitor it’s glorious.

Joysticks & Buttons

The very best spanish-imported joysticks from Industrias Lorenzo are used in this arcade. They have a firm robust feel with accurate diagonals, making them the ideal choice for fighting games.

The buttons are a special “AusLeaf” style that combine the old-school look of original retro arcade buttons with modern day micro-switches and quiet operation of authentic Japanese “candy cabinet” SANWA buttons. They are quiet and not so “clicky” as their ancestors but they offer a superior response time and reduce the strain when gaming for hours at a time.

You can now choose buttons from a range of different colours, it doesn’t have to be the NEO-GEO colour scheme in our pictures. 

Cabinet contruction

The cabinet is built with 16mm commercial grade CNC cut melamine coated MDF. It’s the same material used to build kitchens and office furniture.

The V2 widescreen arcade has improved cabinet joinery, resulting in fewer external screw holes and creating a cleaner overall aesthetic for the cabinet. The glass is 5mm thick, and tinted with a little oxide, which improves the contrast and UV resistance of the monitor.

The control panel is now a single piece of machined and laser cut metal. The improvement this has made to the overall strength and rigidity of the cabinet can’t be overstated. It really is a premium solution. 

The bottom edge of the cabinet has also been reinforced with aluminium strips. This reduces any damage that may be caused during transport or when being moved by a trolley

The cabinet dimensions for the widescreen arcade are; 145cm high, 50cm deep from the wall, and 72cm wide.

Emulation Software

The V2 widescreen arcade comes pre-installed with the very latest iteration of our emulation suite. Improvements to the emulation software have been made in almost every area, and the experience has never been closer to the real thing.

Specifically we have purchased a working NEO-GEO arcade system (made in 1996) and fine tuned the entire NEO-GEO catalogue of games to match the original arcade experience as closely as possible.

Additional updates have been made to many arcade gaming systems to ensure the on-screen pixel density is represented as per the original arcade CRT would have rendered the picture 20 years ago.