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Our range of artwork options for your arcade cabinet is forever expanding, so when you place your deposit we will send you some links to the very latest set of designs so you can make your choices.

In 2022 we have started to commission new art pieces from some very talented designers scattered around the world.

latest 2022 arcade designs

When choosing your designs you can mix and match from anthing we offer, however we do have certain design combinations that are intended to be in a set.

Make your arcade reflect your style by choosing a unique artwork combination: 

  • control panel
  • left and right side panels
  • marquee

New control panel artwork options

The new V2 widescreen arcade machine comes with a laser cut pressed metal control panel, which allows us to create some awesome artwork options that we haven’t been able to do before!

Designing control panels is a new thing for Arcade Systems and our range of options is expanding rapidly. So when you place an order for your new Widescreen Arcade Machine we will send you a link to our latest range of artwork for you to choose from.

2022 arcade panel designs

We have some new options in our range that really put the vinyl cutting machine through its paces.

Over the last 3 years our range of side-panel arcade artwork has grown quite large, so in the same pattern as the control panel… When you have put your deposit down, we will send you a link to the full set of available artworks so you can make your choices.

Most pieces of art can be applied to either the left or right side of the cabinet, however a select few (mostly the pieces that contain words) are only suited to the side they were originally designed for.

We can also design you some custom artwork to suit your personal style. So feel free to discuss your ideas with us and we can estimate if there are any additional costs involved. (Custom artworks dont always add to the cost of your arcade cabinet)

Full size arcade cabinet artwork

These full size panels look amazing BUT they really get scuffed and worn on the lower 1/3rd of the artwork. Just too many feet and knees etc really knock the artwork around.

Also if you are pulling up stools / and boxes etc for kids to stand on they really dig into the artwork. This is why I have changed my range of 2021 art to be the best balance of both half and full height artwork options. 

That said these designs are still available upon request 😛

Custom cabinet material colours

The standard material used to build the Widescreen Arcade Pro is called “Shou Sugi – Natural” in the Laminex range.

However special colours can be ordered upon request, this will be an additional cost depending on the material you choose, so feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your options.

The majority of the Laminex range is available for us to use, depending on the local Australian supply levels.